Mayor of "There" (rmjwell) wrote in polywon,
Mayor of "There"

Last Call for Redwood City, CA Polyflock

Okay, folks, here's where we stand:

At present we have 15 paid memberships in hand for this year's polyflock. The number of paid pre-registrations needed to go forward is 25.

I have heard from several people who have told me they [a] enjoyed the first two and [b] look forward to attending this year's but who haven't [c] sent in their money.

Now is the time to address part [c].

So the deadline is being extended two days to midnight pacific time, Sunday night, August 20. If we do not have 25 paid pre-registrations (only $15 US) at that time, we will cheerfully refund the money of those people who have paid and call off the flock for this year.

Thanks in advance!

Your hosts,
RJ & Ruth Anne

PS. If this is the first you've heard of the polyflock and are wondering what it is we're asking you to spend your money on, take a gander at this post.
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