exodavinci (exodavinci) wrote in polywon,


Anyone still alive in this community? For my tastes, this is definitely a comm I would like to see flourish.

A funny comment I read on tacit's homepage today reminded me that this comm exists:

(mono writer concerned about her poly boyfriend:) I don't know any other really poly people besides my boyfriend (if he is poly) and the people at the natha yoga school he hangs out with (and quite frankly, those people seem a little perpendicular to reality, what with all the bizarre theories about emotional wavicles, and open relationships being the only enlightened choice).

(Franklin's comment:) Oh, God. I can rant for days about the "Tantric/yoga/transcendental meditation/magic crystal and woo-woo" poly crowd. Suffice it to say I have little in common with them.

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