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Poly Book Club

I just wanted to let everyone know about the poly-themed online book club.  You can check it out and join at  Our first assignment was to ask for (or obtain, if you don't do gift exchange) any poly-themed book you haven't read yet and let us know what book that was by January 5th.  But there's still time for this assignment, because January 15th is when we're going to talk about what these books are.  I started by requesting "The High Cost Of Living" by Marge Piercy from my local library.  It just arrived today, so I'm going to get to reading it so I'll have something to talk about on the 15th!  Here's what my choice has to say on the back:

"For Leslie, the heroine of this searching novel, the cost of living - and loving - is getting higher and higher.  First of all, she is miserable for having lost her lover, Valerie, to another woman.  And she has begun to doubt just about everything about her life.  Now she is involved in a strange erotic triangle with Honor, an adolecent virgin who has romantic ideals and Bernie, a homosexual street hustler trying to settle down.  Leslie and Bernie both want Honor.  They also want each other.  But all Honor wants is a little spice in her life.  Here is a powerful searing novel of three young dreamers caught up in a lifestyle they can neither accept nor change."

Can't wait to hear about everyone else's choices!

Starting in February, we plan to make the assignments more traditional - meaning everyone will be requested to read the same book and we'll all get together online to discuss it.

Hope to see ya'll there! 

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