exodavinci (exodavinci) wrote in polywon,

Newage weirdo

I have a group of poly friends who meets once a week for dinner and conversation. Last week, there was a woman attending who is someone else's friend from out of town. At first, I was really impressed by her: she engaged in really high-level academic discussions on a whole raft of different topics, including critical theory of the humanities, history, gender theory, etc.

But then as the night when on, she kept mentioning newage concepts as if their factuality was taken for granted. "... my friend, well, she's a single female Scorpio, so she sleeps around a lot ...", "Well, since this guy proved that water crystals don't form well when exposed to "bad music" like heavy metal..." (she's referring to Masaru Emoto's bullshit) all forms of BS "alternative" medicine , etc., etc.

It was weird, because I've never met someone who was that well educated and otherwise well-informed be quite that deep into newage. Kinda freaked me out.
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