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Polyamory Without Newage

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Polyamory, last I looked, was about having or being open to having multiple, concurrent romantic relationships.

It's not about chakra-allignment, past-life regression, Tantric sex, crystal healing, being a better Christian or any other mystic or religious arglefargle.

It's just about being in love with more than one person at a time.

But if one were to scan many of the polyamory communities on LJ, you might get the impression that spirit guides, Elder Gods or elven magick was required in order to be or talk about poly.

Thus, it has come to pass that PolyWON --Polyamory Without Newage --rhymes with "sewage", thank you Penn & Teller!-- has been created. A place where you can talk about polyamory, period.

This is not to say that people's religious or spiritual thoughts are unwelcome here. If your spirituality is part of how you practice polyamory, no problem. The line is drawn when anyone tries to link polyamory with [fitb] newage.

Other than that, post and enjoy!